Employee Benefits

Our Employee Benefits team advises businesses of all sizes on how to design, qualify and terminate plans for benefits, profit-sharing and retirement. Attorneys in this practice are especially experienced in the ever-changing requirements of the Federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). We work extensively in a wide range of benefit arenas – from COBRA and medical reimbursement to dependent care. We design and implement executive compensation programs and counsel clients on how to use rollovers and other tax deferral techniques to minimize taxes on retirement plan withdrawals. We also help clients address benefit plan compliance problems and disqualifications.

To assure we deliver the best guidance, we routinely draw expertise from other members of our own internal team experienced in Corporate & Business law, Estate Planning & Wealth Preservation, Intellectual Property, Tax and other practice areas.

  • Our Experience
  • Benefit plans, including “cafeteria” plans, COBRA, medical reimbursement and dependent care
  • Executive compensation programs, including nonqualified deferred compensation
  • Qualified retirement plans, including pensions, profit sharing and 401(k)
  • Strategies for minimizing income taxes on retirement plan withdrawals