Identifying and Protecting Your Client’s Internal and External Business Relationships

Identifying and Protecting Your Client's Internal and External Business Relationships (PDF)

Before You Begin Litigation

Before You Begin Litigation (PDF) Carruthers & Roth litigators Pat Haywood and Mark York presented “Before You Begin Litigation" at an event hosted by the Young Professionals of the Risk Management Association (RMA) Triad Chapter entitled "An Attorney's View of Do's and Don'ts in Commercial Lending” on April 12, 2016.  ...
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Businesses Beware: NC Supreme Court Confirms Continued Application of “Strict Blue Pencil Doctrine” to Non-Competition Agreements

On March 18, 2016, in Beverage Systems of the Carolinas, LLC, v. Associated Beverage Repair, LLC, the North Carolina Supreme Court held that North Carolina courts will not rewrite unreasonable non-competition agreements, even where the parties have expressly authorized the courts to do so in their contract. Instead, North Carolina’s courts are limited to use of the “strict blue pencil doctrine,” discussed below. Many businesses seek to protect their interests and investments in customer ...
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Three Trending Developments in Employment Law

Employment law is a hot topic these days, with new orders, rules and regulations that employers should have on their radar screen. Here are three in particular that may impact your business: 1:  Employee or Independent Contractor? A recent Executive Order issued by N.C. Governor Pat McCrory created the Employee Classification Section of the North Carolina Industrial Commission, which is tasked to act as a “watchdog against unethical businesses that attempt to skirt our state’s laws. ...
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Cybersecurity: Threats, Solutions and Protections

Cybersecurity: Threats, Solutions and Protections (PDF)

Nuts & Bolts of Personal Guaranties

Nuts & Bolts of Personal Guaranties (PDF)

Recent Amendments to Dental Board Rules Pertaining to Record-Keeping and Unprofessional Conduct

The North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners recently enacted amendments to several of its rules governing the practice of dentistry with an effective date of July 1, 2015.  Although many of the amendments were technical in nature and simply clarify existing rules, the Board has made several substantive changes to the rules that pertain to (1) record-keeping requirements and (2) the definition of “unprofessional conduct”.  Dental practitioners need to take note of these changes so as ...
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